Dealer FAQs

Dealer FAQs

Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Dealer at the Medina Antique Mall.

What is the Medina Antique Mall?  The Medina Antique Mall has been a fixture in Medina County for 26 years.  We are an indoor mall of 52,000 SqFt, made up of over 500 Dealer spaces under one roof of Antiques, Collectibles and Home Furnishings.  We are located on Rt-18, just 1/2 mile east of I-71.  Being in close proximity of I-71, I-271, I-77 and the Ohio Turnpike makes us an easy destination for travelers and locals alike.  We rent Booth, Showcase and Gallery Wall spaces to Dealers and handle all of their sales transactions.

What kind of merchandise can be sold?  On the main floor, pre-1990 merchandise is permitted.  In the collectible rooms, any age merchandise is allowed. No crafts or reproductions are allowed to be sold at any time.

What kind of spaces are available to rent by Dealers? We offer booths of various sizes, showcases and gallery wall pegboard panels.

What are the lease periods? Leases are available in 3 month, 6 month or 12 month durations.

Is a Security Deposit required?  A refundable Security Deposit (equal to one month’s rent) is required if the space is not pre-paid for the duration of the Lease.

Do Dealers have to work at the mall?  All of our staff are employees of the Mall.  We are not a CoOp, thus Dealers are not required to work at the mall, although some of our staff are also Dealers.

How large are Dealer spaces?  Booth sizes range from 10×10, 10×15 and 12×12 and are priced per SqFt.  Booth walls are made of pegboard for easy displaying of merchandise.  Showcases are 74″ high, 52″ wide and 14″ deep.  Gallery Wall panels are 4′ x 8′

What about lighting?  Showcases are top lit with a tube style LED bulb.  In addition to general mall lighting, booths have a duplex power outlet available that is limited to 40 watts of usage.  We recommend the use of LED bulbs in lamps, which allows for several lamps to be lit while not going over the 40 watt per booth maximum.

How do I know if I sold something?  Approximately 2 hours after we close, sales are uploaded to our Dealer portal.  You will receive a login to see what you sold that day.  This is a great benefit, as it lets you know when you need to restock!

How do I get reimbursed for my sales?  Twice a month, our system outputs a full detailed accounting of every item that you sold and a net check is generated of your sales, less commission and any rent owed.

How are sales taxes collected?  The Medina Antique Mall handles the entire sales tax process for our Dealers.  We calculate and collect the sales tax at time of sale from our customers and reimburse the state.  If a customer is tax exempt, we handle the entire documentation process as outlined by the State of Ohio, thus alleviating our Dealers from this administrative burden.

Is the Dealer responsible for customer form of payment fees?  No, the Medina Antique Mall absorbs all customer form of payment fees such as credit card fees and check guarantee fees.

How do I obtain further information about becoming a Dealer?  For further information including lease and commission rates, please feel free to stop in and talk to a manager.  Alternately, you can email us at or call us at (330)722-0017.

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